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A "group" in this intranet is analogous to how you organize yourselves and your communications within the TNC. Each "group" is a subset of the TNC "members" and acts as a container for communications, i.e "content". You are usually a member of multiple groups, and those groups are listed in a block in the right hand column of most pages.

Typically, each of your TNC committees that are active on this intranet will have a corresponding "group" and the content in that group is made up of the communications within that group. Using the intranet for your committee communications ensures that everyone within your committee can keep up with what's going on, and that new members have a ready reference of what's already happened.

Being a member of a group enables you to read and create content within the group.

New groups can be created by the site administrators. Site administrators will also manage group membership. Within each group, one or more members may be designated as "group editors". Committee chairs are usually the group editors, and they are responsible for managing the content of the group.

Read on to understand about the different types of content you can create.